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Bivio FaceBook - Come see what is going on!

TripAdvisor - " Best Pizza this side of Naples. Am I in Naples?"

Yelp - " Absolutely the best pizza since the last trip to Italy."

Star Ledger - NJ.COM - "Bivio Pizza Napoletana in Little Falls: Old-world pizza a welcome newcomer. Posted September 26, 2012"

Mano A Vino - Eat, Drink, Write - "Just Like Being in Italy. Bivio, Authentic Handcrafted Pizze in the True Napoletana Tradition! By the time we left there were many anxious people looking forward to a great meal, not surprising the quality and modest prices will keep us coming back to Bivio without a doubt. Posted August 12, 2012"

Wine without Numbers - "His (Bivio) pizza is the best this side of Naples Italy! For the macaroni this year we had remarkably light (if you did not eat them quickly they would have floated off your plate) and tasty Manicotti. I wish I could say that I made them as they were absolutely off the chart, but alas I did not. They were made by Tommaso Colao, owner of Bivio Pizzeria.  I asked him, begged might be the more appropriate word, if he would make a batch for me for Mother's Day. I was very fortunate to get them as they are not a menu item at Bivio. You can imagine my joy when he agreed?and I wish you could have seen the joy on the faces of everyone who ate them that day. They were simply magnificent. I hope to convince Tommaso to add them to his menu at some time in the future." Click Here for Mother's Day Bivio macaroni review.

e?foti espresso culture - "Pair passion and love with desire and attention and you?re going to come out with something great. With 24 seats to fill, Bivio takes their owners? passion for authentic Neapolitan pizza to heart. What they have created is real and what you get is a bit of their wandering Italian hearts in a plate."

Suburban Essex Magazine Winter 2011 - "Don't be misled by Bivio's intimate size and tiny menu. Five mouthwateringly delicious, handcrafted pizzas are featured, as well as three appetizers?two salads and a mozzarella/roasted pepper dish. But among the treasures here are the wonderful off -menu specials." Click Here if Digital Link does not display in your browser.

NorthJersey.COM - "Since Bivio Pizza's opening, the Colaos have been getting great comments about the pizza and comfortable atmosphere.'

Jersey Bites - "I was a little hesitant to tell anybody about Bivio for fear I wouldn't be able to ever get a table again, but eventually word would leak out anyway. And as they say, when you come to a fork in the road, take it?"

Jersey Menus - "Every pizza was perfecto, delicious thin crust... and the staff was more than accommodating"

Mouthfuls - " Its focus on making superb pizza, and it largely succeeds based on our first look."

eGullet Society - "Part of me doesn't want to tell anybody about this! Excellent, authentic pizza in a small lovely space. Enjoyed a fabulous porcini mushroom pie and a margherita."

From Both Sides of the Hudson - Look for July 28 review. "The pizza was delicious!"